Some of the artist After Hours Productions has worked with

  Nicole Nordeman, Kari Jobe, Mark Shultz, Mercy Me, Swingin’ Medallions, Atlanta Rhythm Section, Atlanta Symphony, Leroy Parnell, Jeremy Camp, Todd, Agnew, Sarah Kelly, Matthew West, Barlow Girls, Skillet, Christ Rice,  Stephen Curtis Chapman, Rick and Bubba,
Inhabited, Disciple, Kids in the Way, Ezekiel’s Eye,Beach Front Properties, By Tree, Tree 63, Small Town Poets, Sean McDonald, Monk and Neagle, Everlife, Nate Sally, Across the Sky, Jubil’s Kin, Grits, Charity Vaughn, 2 Bare Feet , Hawk Nelson, KJ52, David Meese, Larnell Harris, Someday New, Alicia Williams, Day of Fire, DJ Mage, John Berry, Jerry Clower, Cyndi Thompson, Kingston Trio, Dallas Brass ensemble, Beatle Tribute Band, Platters, Temptations, Crystal Gale, Mark Willis, Winton Marsalis, John Torre, Banks and Shane, Jessie Daniels, Power Team, Six Flags, Disney World, and Wild Adventures.